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Why You Need Both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries

As the world appears to be heading more to remote notarizations, you may ask why you need both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries?

Not All Signings Will Be Remote

The laws are quickly changing, but some things will remain the same. At the end of the day, even once remote signings become more prevalent, some signings will still need to be done in person. You have attorney states, as well as certain types of signings, like wills, that will have to be done in person.

Heck, it might even be a client preference.

Any way you slice it, there will be a need to have multiple pipelines, a word those in business are not excited to hear. By using an all in one service like Sunshine Signing, you keep your pipeline simple, saving both time and money.

A Rapidly Changing Marketplace

Yes, there are a good amount of laws in place, but we are still a long way from a standard set of rules across the nation. This is not something that will be accomplished overnight. And it is probably something you don’t want your team to have to worry about on a daily or weekly basis.

So why not have a notary service that does that for you? That keeps your business humming. That adapts to a rapidly changing environment for you.

This is a large reason why you need both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries and an All in One solution.

The Widest Variety of Services

Sunshine offers a wider slate of services in the industry. Talk about why you need both online notaries and mobile notaries.

Just check out our list of Mobile Notary Services and Remote Online Notary Services.

Who else offers the variety we do? Who offers things like Document Courier Services?

The best thing about that? Sunshine is more that ready to prepare to change with the advancements in the industry. We emerged from the 2007 real estate fiasco stronger than we entered.


We adapted to circumstances, we added offerings no one else was.

When the market evolves you need someone who can evolve with it. That is why you need a partner that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

The Best Notaries in the Business

Access to the best notaries requires access to the most experienced and professional notaries. And those are not ones who just started and work inside of a warehouse.

When you work with a company like Sunshine Signing, you are working with a network of notaries that have years or decades of experience. Notaries that have done all the important kinds of signings in their mobile notary careers. Ones that give impeccable service.

Be it remote, or be it mobile, Sunshine has tens of thousands of the best notaries in the nation at our fingertips.

Why You Need Both Types of Notaries

It is simple to see that your business will need access to both types of notaries. It is also easy to see you need to work with someone with a long track record of successful signings.

At the end of the day, don’t select a notary service that will only fulfill parts of your needs. Go with the all in one solution provided by Sunshine Signing.

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Background Checks are all About the Trust

So why are background checks so important for mobile notaries and the companies and individuals that need their services?

It’s All About the Trust

People do business with people they know, like and trust.  And there is no second chance for a first impression.  So, by having the proper background checks in place, it starts the relationship between the notaries and the signers off on the right foot.

There is a certain level of peace of mind that comes with knowing that the agent performing your document signing has a clean background.

Let’s face it, most of the times these documents represent important business or defining moments in peoples’ lives.  And you deserve the most qualified, certified and dignified notary you can find, or that Sunshine Signing can schedule and supervise for you.

Background Checks Show a Commitment

As someone hiring the services of a mobile notary, knowing things like the notary has proper background checks and is insured shows they are a professional who has shown a commitment to their craft.  They are not just some fly by night signing agent who is just going through the motions.

Furthermore, working with a mobile notary signing service can help ensure that you get the right notary for the job, one who is qualified for your type of signing.

We all deserve a true professional when we are looking to have our documents and life moments notarized (or memorialized).  And that is something that you need to be able to trust.

A Lot of Skin in the Game

Many signings for companies like title are agreements covering tens, hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.  And for individuals, it could be a marriage or a mortgage on a first home.  Point being, you are invested in the proper completion of the task at hand, and you need to know that the notary is worthy of your trust to complete that task.

Background checks are universally required for everyone in the mortgage pipeline and other businesses.  So, when a business needs to ensure it can trust its own employees on large value transactions, they need to make sure the notary signing off on the documents is just as trustworthy and accountable.

So Why Sunshine Signing?

All of our mobile notaries have full background checks.  We specialize in finding the most qualified individual for your signings.

And we have tens of thousands of them all across the United States.  A list built and cultivated over the course of more than a decade.  We cover cities, rural areas, even attorney states.

No matter the type of document that needs to be notarized, whether you are an individual that needs just one, or a company that needs thousands, Sunshine has the right notary that you can trust.

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Notary Search

A notary search can be frustrating and time consuming.

People performing a notary search can easily find the process to be more than they want to manage, especially in business. Sure, you can find notary directories online, but you’ll find yourself calling way too many of them to be worth your time.

The Downside of a Personal Notary Search

So, I have a list of notaries near me and I pick up the phone and start calling them.  I quickly find out many of them are booked, so I keep calling.

And I quickly realize the difficulty in finding time to arrange myself and the other party, as well as the notary, all at the same time.  Sure, I can find a time for me and the notary, or for me and the other party, but finding a time that works for all of us is like sticking a square peg in a round hole.

Then I realize that I have multiple signings at different times and places.  And I get covered in dread as I pick up the phone and start dialing some more.

And soon I realize that I am wasting too much productivity doing a notary search I really don’t have the time or inclination to do.

Wasted Productivity and Time

So now I’ve buried half the day into a notary search I thought would take ten or fifteen minutes.  And I didn’t have the time to pay attention to more pressing issues at hand.

So I throw my hands in the air and say this is not working!

Seriously, I:

  • Found a notary directory easily enough
  • Picked up the phone and dialed and dialed trying to find the right notary
  • Then I had to deal with the other party in the signing and arrange a time with them as well
  • And this cycle went around in circles, just like my head, as this is not my forte at all

Perform Your Notary Search More Efficiently

And then I finally found Sunshine Signing Connection.  They are a mobile notary service that has tens of thousands of notaries across the country.

And better yet, they handle all of the scheduling!

I just give them a time and place and they send a notary to me.  All of that hassle out the window.  All the productivity and time wasted is gone and I can focus on the core portion of my business.

Better yet, they ensure my notary is qualified and has a full background check.  They verify the notary has valid licensing and insurance.

And did I mention, they bring the notary to me, instead of me bringing myself to the notary.

The next time you perform a notary search, start it with Sunshine.

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Go with the Industry Leaders for Over 15 Years. Mobile, Online, Remote, Sunshine Gets the Job Done Right…

Mobile Notary

A mobile notary is an entrepreneur that makes everyone’s life easier by traveling to a signing for a document that needs notarizing.  Many of them work nights and weekends and are able to work around the schedule of your business or personal life.  They run their business out of their homes and vehicles, and are ready for even last minute closings.

It doesn’t matter if it is a mortgage, deed, other real estate documents, debt settlements, power of attorney or just about any legal document, they can ensure that your documents are signed and notarized properly.  They are prompt and professional, saving you valuable time and hassle.

Where do I Find a Mobile Notary?

There are many mobile notary directories online, some even provided by the states they are licensed in.  You can go through the list and start calling to see who is available when you need them.

But, that can take a lot of time, too.  Especially if you have multiple signings on the horizon, as one notary may not be available for all of them.  You can get easily tied up trying to schedule everything, and you really wanted a mobile notary to save time and hassle.

There has to be a better way!

Enter the Mobile Notary Signing Service

A mobile notary service such as ourself has a network of tens of thousand of qualified mobile notaries all across the United States.  We save you time by finding the right mobile notary for you, and by managing the scheduling process for you.  This way you can focus on your business and not have to worry about your upcoming signing(s).

We use state of the art software to schedule and track your signings.  You can also upload documents, so you have everything you need in one place.

Most of the time we can have a mobile notary at your location in a couple of hours, even on nights and weekends.

And better yet, we handle your needs for multiple notaries for separate signings, so you don’t have to build your own network.

So, next time you need a signing done right, start your day with Sunshine.

Get Any Document Notarized Right Now! Let’s Start!

Go with the Industry Leaders for Over 15 Years. Mobile, Online, Remote, Sunshine Gets the Job Done Right…

Document Signing Service

So you need a document signed?  Legally and quickly?  Then you are looking for a document signing service, and you are definitely in the right place.

Whether it is a loan, legal documents, wills and trusts, and any other document that you need notarized, our vast network of notaries has you covered.  They even come to your place of business, home, coffee house or other place of meeting.

Simply put, Sunshine adds a smile to your day (or night) (or weekend) by delivering professional service directly to you.  It doesn’t matter if you just have one document that needs to be signed, or if you have thousands across the United States.  We are your nationwide document signing service.

What does a Document Signing Service Do For Me?

Sunshine utilizes a vast network of certified notaries across the United States.  They are mobile, meaning they come to you wherever you are.  So you can rest assured that anywhere you need a document signing service, Sunshine will have the proper notary ready for you.

This replaces the time honored (or better yet, time wasted) tradition of trying to shove a square block in a round hole.

What do we mean by that?

The traditional way of using a notary is to try and get all parties assembled, during business hours (if you are lucky and they are open all day) to get a document signed.  Well, in today’s economy, that is just not possible in most cases.  The world moves fast, and you need a document signing service that can keep up with the changing demand.  Even on nights and weekends.

Why Use Sunshine as Your Document Signing Service?

  • We have a reliable network of tens of thousands of notaries across the United States.  Big Cities, rural areas, they are all covered.
  • All of our notaries go through extensive background checks and are supremely professional.
  • Our phone line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.  We will connect you with the proper notary for your signing at any time.
  • Our web based software allows you to place and track your orders in real time.  You can upload and track documents, and oversee every step of the process.
  • And the best reason you should use Sunshine as your Document Signing Service?  We stand behind our work.  We will ensure the job is done correctly and that you are happy with the result.  And we will work with you though any potential issues until they are resolved.

When you need a document signing service, we welcome you to make a Sunshine Signing Connection.  To find our more about what we can do for you feel free to contact us and prepare to be delighted.

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Go with the Industry Leaders for Over 15 Years. Mobile, Online, Remote, Sunshine Gets the Job Done Right…